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For more than two-thousand years now, milk thistle has been used as an herbal for many physical problems, especially gall bladder, kidney, and liver problems. It got its start as a treatment for snake bites and liver problems in ancient Greece and Rome. It has substances in that protect the liver from toxins that try to attack it (like some over-the-counter- medications that are taken in large quantities). This herbal treatment contains antioxidants and anti-inflammatory that are also known to help the liver. In this day and age, doctors use it for many things and to help with many ailments and therefore there are a lot of benefits milk thistle.

The Health Benefits of This Herb

This herbal remedy has a lot of benefits, mainly helping with physical problems. I am going to share a few physical problems that this herbal remedy helps with.

  • Liver Disease as a Result of Alcohol-This plant is regularly recommended as a use for cirrhosis of the liver and hepatitis that is a result of too much alcohol consumption. The majority of studies show that it makes liver functioning better and raises the survival rate of people that have cirrhosis or hepatitis that keeps recurring.
  • Viral Hepatitis- This herbal remedy is also regularly to treat viral hepatitis. Some people have found that it does improve their liver function.
  • Mushroom Poisoning- This plant has also gotten to be well as a treatment for mushroom poisoning as a result of a person consuming the death cap mushroom. Animal research has shown that the extract in this herb counteracts the toxic effects of this mushroom if it is taken within ten minutes after it was taken. If a person takes this remedy within twenty-four hours after they ingest the mushroom, it lowers the risk of death and liver poisoning.
  • Cancer– Early laboratory research has shown that the substances in this herb could contain anticancer effects. They appear to stop cancer cells from dividing and reproducing,lower the amount of time that they live, and limit the amount of blood that goes to the tumors. Other research has shown that the substances in this remedy also help lower the risk of skin cancer for people that also use sunscreen.

Other Benefits of This Herbal Remedy

This herbal remedy has also been known to help with heartburn, gallbladder problems, uterine problems, and spleen issues. It is also used on a regular basis to treat diabetes, hangovers, malaria, depression, and loss of appetite. I do suggest that anyone discuss using this as a treatment for any ailment, disease, or any physical problem. A lot of people eat this herb since it is a plant. For example, some people eat it in salads instead of spinach or use it as a substitute for coffee. Most people, however, take it as a supplement in capsule, extract, powder, or tincture form. The Food and Drug Administration has not approved it as a medical treatment for any medical problems yet, but they have approved it as a dietary supplement and it is often used as a remedy for the health issues that I have mentioned. With further research and study, who knows? It could one day be considered a cure for many ailments and physical problems.

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