Friday, September 25, 2020

If a person has been sick for a long time or they have followed an unhealthy diet then they might need to cleanse their liver. After a long time of exposure to a prescription medicine, drugs, or even alcoholism toxins begin to accumulate in the liver making people feel weak and lethargic. Lymph nodes can also swell and stop working as effectively. A regimen of lymphatic drainage massage and milk thistle can help tremendously. Lymph nodes help filter out harmful organisms and even cancer from spreading. If they are engorged then they can’t work as effectively. By gently massaging the lymph nodes in a sweeping motion all over the body, it helps to reduce their size and allow them to release the toxins they hold, so they can be flushed out. Milk thistle helps speed up this process if used as a full body cleanse.

The Benefits of Milk Thistle

This herbal remedy can do more than just cleanse the liver. It works just as effectively as prescription medications used to lower harmful cholesterol levels.
When the liver is not working at its full capacity, weight loss can be next to impossible. By cleansing it with milk thistle, waste and toxins are quickly released, and weight loss is much easier. Some of the other benefits to milk thistle include:

  • Healing psoriasis
  • Slowing the growth of cancer cells
  • Increasing the production of breast milk
  • Calming anxiety

Preparing for Milk Thistle Treatment

The harmful microorganisms that die off after taking milk thistle can cause side effects of nausea, weakness, and headaches. Anyone allergic to rag weed should not take it because milk thistle is related to the plant, and they might have an allergic reaction. Preparing for a milk thistle treatment reduces the detoxification symptoms significantly. Some patients choose to have a hydration therapy iv so that they get plenty of fluids which helps flush the toxins out more quickly. Vitamin iv therapy can be used at the same time so that the patient receives the proper nutrition allowing the body to heal more easily. Drink plenty of water before and during the treatment. Also, if possible, take a couple days off work. Plan the treatment during a time when you can get enough rest. The more you take it easy, the faster your body can recover.

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