Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Milk thistle, sometimes referred to as holy thistle, is commonly used to help return bladder function and liver function to normal. Milk thistle is able to do all this because its active ingredient is Silymarin which helps to prevent and support liver health by protecting cells in the liver from environmental toxins. It can be used supportively to help maintain good health, or can be used in combination with other techniques to help maximize support. For example, milk thistle that is used to help restore the system based on antioxidant introduction can help maximize lymphatic drainage massage benefits. It also has plenty of other benefits, which is one what most people are curious to learn about.

What Health Benefits Does Milk Thistle Offer?

There are many health benefits for those who regularly use milk thistle, especially those that also consider seeking rehydration therapy at the same time. Due to its many health benefits which include protecting cells from damage, it is also commonly used following low dose chemo to help restore the body. There are plenty of other benefits that should help you see how great the supplement is including:

• Protects liver from toxins
• Can help protect liver from drug side effects (statins & Tylenol to name a few)
• Protects liver from damage caused by free radicals
• High antioxidant value
• Bestselling herb to improve liver function

Is Milk Thistle Safe to Use?

The only question left to answer now that you can see how beneficial milk thistle can be is whether or not it is safe to use. The answer is a resounding yes. Milk thistle has already been the subject of over 100 clinical studies and the outcomes have been positive. It is completely allergen free if you purchase pure milk thistle and is free of fillers and artificial ingredients as well. Most milk thistle capsules are vegetarian as well so they are truly an excellent choice for everyone. Given the vital function that the liver plays in removing wastes from the body supporting it with milk thistle is simply a wise idea. Liver damage can easily be prevented by introducing milk thistle to your diet.

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