Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Milk thistle was approved as a liver treatment in the year of 1986. It’s used by many to treat alcoholic hepatitis, cirrhosis, liver poisoning and more. Milk thistle is a unique herb. It protects the liver in ways that no pharmaceutical drug could. There is no equivalent. If a patient is poisoned by Amanita mushrooms that viciously destroy the liver, milk thistle is the one and only treatment option. It’s so incredibly effective that the use of milk thistle has never been disputed, even by the modern medical community. Medical ozone and even the famed stem cell treatments can not compare to the healing of the liver the way that milk thistle can. Milk thistle moves to detoxify many other man-made chemicals that can make their way into our bodies. From radiation to alcohol, heavy metals to acetaminophen.

You Could Need Milk Thistle

Milk thistle also treats many adrenal disorders as well as inflammatory bowel syndrome. It can also treat psoriasis. Neurofeedback anxiety cannot be treated with milk thistle. Women who are breastfeeding their infants can use milk thistle to help stimulate the flow of breast milk. For women with late periods, it can be used to kickstart the menstrual cycle. Because of its estrogen-like effects, milk thistle may also be helpful for men struggling with prostate cancer. Milk thistle may also have modest benefits towards reducing bad cholesterol in the body. If you have a great need to detoxify your liver or treat any liver conditions, milk thistle is a must!

Other things milk thistle can treat:

  • Liver disease from alcohol
  • Viral hepatitis
  • Cancer
  • High cholesterol

Milk Thistle as an Herbal Remedy

Milk thistle is the way to go, concerning problems of the liver. Milk thistle can be taken orally, with a capsule comprised of the crushed herb, or even in an herbal tea form. Be sure you are not allergic to milk thistle. If you think you are allergic to daisies or ragweed, do not take milk thistle. Any natural remedy, because of its medicinal properties, can interfere with medication. Talk to your doctor to see if milk thistle is right for you. Consult a local medical center to see if their are any local treatments for liver problems using milk thistle.

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