Monday, September 21, 2020

Milk thistle, also known as “holy thistle” or “Mary’s thistle,” among other names, has long been used by alternative medical center and others practicing holistic medicine for its restorative properties. Since it’s discovery back in ancient times, milk thistle has become common in holistic treatment plans for a wide range of diseases and conditions. So, what is milk thistle? Milk thistle is an herb that primarily helps your digestion, kidney, and liver. It gets its name from the white, milky like substance that is excreted from the weed-like plant found in the Mediterranean. Most people take it as a supplement in tea or orally in the form of a pill. Adding milk thistle to your daily regimen can provide you with various health benefits, ranging from your heart and brain to your kidneys.

What is milk thistle used for?

If you’re experiencing digestive issues or liver issues, milk thistle may be a natural way to help alleviate your symptoms. It’s natural restorative qualities have become very appealing to those suffering from particular ailments. When taking milk thistle, you will find you have more energy, thus your body has enough energy to fight of ailments and take care of itself; this will aid in your long-term health. Many have noted it’s ability to generate liver cells and even help those suffering from cancer. If you’re suffering from cirrhosis of the liver or other liver diseases, milk thistle may work for you. Some of the benefits of taking milk thistle include:

  • healthy skin
  • liver detoxification
  • lower cholesterol
  • prevents gallstones
  • controls diabetes

When not to take milk thistle

Milk thistle can have many restorative benefits when taken properly, especially when done with integrated therapy. There have been relatively few side effects reported, most of which are minor in nature. However, milk thistle is not for everyone; nursing or pregnant mothers should not take milk thistle, nor should women with specific cancers. Consult a medical professional of any allergies prior to taking milk thistle to prevent any adverse reactions. There are few symptoms associated with taking milk thistle, but talk to a medical professional or visit your center for holistic medicine if you experience diarrhea or nausea. If you’re unsure which method of milk thistle is best for you, visit your local medical center today.

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