Tuesday, October 20, 2020

Massage therapy is a comprehensive term used to refer to a wide range of techniques where the practitioner seeks to manipulate muscles and soft tissues through pressing, stroking, kneading or rubbing. This therapy can be traced back to9 many years ago and is still popular to date. There are many benefits to massage therapy. First, it is very effective in the relief of stress. Massage can help in relaxing your muscles. Also, it boosts the body’s ability to produce the ‘feel good’ hormones, endorphins, thus relieving stress. Another benefit of massage therapy is in improving body posture. Massage therapy acts to loosen and relax muscles that have been overworked by bad posture. In so doing, it helps them re-align, thus forcing your body parts back to the correct posture. Headache and migraine relief, relaxation and boost of the immune system are also some of the benefits of massage therapy.

Types of Massage Therapy

• Lymphatic drainage massage
Lymphatic drainage massage Miami is one of the most popular type of massage therapy. It entails the manual manipulation of the lymph in order to drain off waste from it. This massage therapy is mostly used in the treatment of Lymphedema. Particularly, in women who have undergone a breast surgery.

• Deep Tissue Massage
Deep tissue massage entails the manipulation of deep tissues through massage in order to relief of chronic muscle pain. As the name implies, deep tissue massage entails the application of greater pressure than other massage techniques.

• Swedish Massage
In a Swedish massage, long strokes, kneading and rubbing in medium weight pressure are applied. This massage technique helps in achieving relaxation. It is also beneficial in the relief of muscle pain.


Massage Therapy benefits vary from one technique to the other. Some of the massage therapy techniques are effective on their own in the correction of some disorders. However, in some cases they might be used to complement other treatments. For example, they may be used along with Miami acupuncture so as to increase effectiveness in managing pain and inflammations. Massage therapy will not only deal with the physical wellbeing. Rather, it will help in balancing the body emotionally and spiritually. Massage therapy is not only capable of healing symptoms, it an also enhance the quality of life. Some of the best practitioners for massage therapy can be found at the Chinese medicine Miami center.

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