Friday, September 18, 2020

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Massage therapy is the process of pressing, rubbing or manipulation of the skin, tendons, muscles and ligaments. This procedure is done by the use of hands and fingers. The process of manipulation can range from stroking lightly to deep pressure. There are many type of massage therapy. One of the common types is called lymphatic drainage massage, which is done to stimulate natural drainage of lymph. Lymph plays an important role in detoxification and enhancing immunity. Another type of massage therapy is the sports massage which utilizes strokes which are long, deep pressure, and circular movements. Vibration or tapping may be included so as to enable your body to be relaxed. Massage therapies can also be done for the old so as to enhance their joint mobility, blood circulation, and reduce depression. This type of therapy is commonly referred to geriatric massage therapy.

Benefits of massage therapy

The power of the body actually works, and when the power is taken hand in hand with massage therapy, there is no doubt that your health will be great. Majority of the diseases that attack the body are caused by stress. Stress ages the body both internally and externally. Massage therapy can help in the management of stress which in turn enhances the health of an individual by:
• Decreasing anxiety
• Enhancing body energy
• Enhancing blood circulation
• Improving quality of sleep
• Reducing fatigue
Other benefits of massage therapy include alleviation of lower back pains, enhancement of immunity by stimulating the flow of lymph, enhances the flexibility of joints, relaxes muscles which have been overused, and many others. Massage therapy can also be used in conjunction with insulin potentiated therapy which is an alternative treatment for cancer patients. These therapies will enhance the effect of the chemotherapy drugs and the effects of the chemotherapy on the patient will be reduced.

Side Effects of Massage therapies and contraindications

No adverse effects from massage therapy has been reported. The therapy should be performed by a therapist who is trained so as to avoid risks. The only side effects that one may have include pain or discomfort which is temporary. Sports massage therapy can be effective when used with iv hydration therapy to re-hydrate the body without any adverse side effects. However, people with low blood platelet counts or bleeding disorders should avoid vigorous massage. Massage therapies should not be performed on body parts that have fractures, weak bones, open wounds, or blood clots.

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