Thursday, October 1, 2020

Do you know that back pain that keeps recurring every other day and no amount of painkillers you swallow make it to go away. Your body is simply trying to tell you something, ‘go get yourself a massage’. Lucky for you Miami has a handful of specialists to help you. Massage therapy is a science that address the different issues your body demands and all qualified masseuse know that your body chemistry important and that’s why you will hear them recommend treatments like iv rehydration and iv nutrition therapy when there’s an imbalance.

Massage Therapy

The body is interconnected, when your nerves are not working properly, you might find yourself getting sick for no good reason. A really good masseuse knows how to calm your nerves and help your body chemistry to rebalance. Message therapy looks beyond just the basic massage but a holistic healing of your body. Chiropractors out there have gained recognition for the tremendous results their work have to show for. The question on your mind right now is why take up massage therapy.

  • It improves your flexibility
  • It improves your circulation
  • It’s an effective pain reliever

Massage Therapy Techniques

Miami is a full of accredited massage parlours and here is a sneak peak of some of the techniques that you are most likely to enjoy depending on your specific needs.

Hot stone massage

As the name suggests, soft heated stones are placed at key points on your body to which is extremely relaxing on its own and warms up your body which is beneficial during geed disuse massage.


With reflexology, pressure is applied on specific regions of the feet hands or ears. The Chinese believe this will improve your qi.

Deep tissue massage

Although similar to Swedish massage, this technique involves applying deeper pressure so as to reach muscles deep below the skin.

Thai massage

This is simply yoga assisted stretches. Your masseuse will twist your body in directions you have never experienced before but you will feel good as new after it all.


This is simply applying finger pressure on the body which is known to place your body in a relaxed state.

Swedish massage

With this, all your muscles are rubbed in the upwards in gliding strokes guided in the direction of the heart relaxing your whole body and improving your circulations.

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