Saturday, September 26, 2020

Lymphatic drainage therapy is old just like the ancient Chinese herbal remedies. Lymphatic drainage involves movements of hands and gentle massage to enable lymph drainage. It is believed that the initiator of lymphatic drainage is Dr. Emil Vodder who in late 1932, he and his wife, who was his co-worker in his clinic received a patient of chronic colds. Around the patient’s neck, Dr. Emil discovered a swollen lymph node. Then, he had no other option than to massage the lymph node until it flattened. When he revealed his discovery, it was not embraced because then, it was bad to tamper with someone else lymphatic system. They latter shared their discovery with various medical practitioner where it got a room to spread slowly. Currently, lymphatic drainage has become popular and is commonly known as Manual Lymph drainage.


According to various medical researches conducted at center for integrated medicine and holistic healing center, lymphatic drainage is ideal for cleaning body cells. Body cells should remain clean to avoid dangerous health problems that can lead to death. There is a dangerous health condition known as lymphoedema that makes the limb to swell. This condition is mainly as a result of damage and malfunctioning of lymph nodes and vessels. The condition is very painful and can make the patient immobile. Of others methods, lymphatic drainage is the best in managing the condition. Besides, lymphatic drainage is used in the following ways:

It also quickens the healing of tissues especially after surgery by draining the tissues to facilitate faster healing.


Some methods resemble lymphatic drainage especially in blood flow enhancement. Hydrogen peroxide injection is one of the methods. Hydrogen peroxide provides the body with single oxygen that helps to destroy anaerobic organism and improve the functions of aerobic one. It also enhances the liver’s functions by oxidizing toxic substance in the body. Another one is the milk thistle therapy. Milk thistle seed contain a substance known as silymarin, which play an important role of protecting the liver and oxidizing the toxic substance present in the body. Besides these similarities, it is advisable to go for lymphatic drainage because it involves a simple massage that manages various health problems.

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