Tuesday, September 29, 2020

At one point or another your doctor will recommend a lymphatic drainage massage especially if you have ever had complications with your lymph nodes. As its name suggests, the masseuse will gently massage your muscles in the direction the lymphatic system circulates to encourage drainage into the lymph nodes. The end result is to help your body in moving waste products in the lymphatic system away from the issue and closer to the heart for faster expulsion outside the body. If this does not sound therapeutic to you, I do not know what will. It is actually one of those therapies, similar to neurofeedback therapy adhd, that simply aid your body in managing its activities as opposed to pumping it with meds every other day.

Why you need lymphatic drainage therapy

The Chinese believe in a yin and yang balance of life. So if there is an imbalance in your body then something is bound to go wrong. The lymphatic system, like any oyher circulatory system in our body is very essential in waste management in the body tissues. This system does howler become compromised owing to the quality of food we eat and drink or when we a fighting a serious infection. As a result the accumulated toxins will cause an imbalance in your body which may be manifested in symptoms like fatigue, mood swings which could ultimately result in a condition known as lymphedema. So when the primary objective of the lymphatic system, detoxification, is compromised that’s where lymphatic drainage therapies come in. some of the benefits derived from this type of therapy include:

  • faster body detoxification
  • sinuses relief
  • anti-aging effects
  • regeneration of injured tissue cells

Take a leap of faith

Like most integrative therapies, lymphatic drainage involves taking a leap of faith. This does not mean undergoing treatment without doing your research or consulting your doctor first. Medicine has come a long way. With therapies like the ozone therapy that is suggested to lower cholesterol in the body or even the glutathione iv for skin lightening, it’s no wonder people have become sceptical about modern day therapies. Lymphatic drainage is simply a way of aiding your body to perform its normal day to day activities whilst getting a relaxing experience. There really are no downsides unlike the undocumented and undeclared ozone therapy side effects.

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