Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Lymphatic Drainage Therapy is also referred to as lymphatic drainage or manual lymph drainage The technique was developed in Germany for treatment of Lymphedema, a condition which is common with patients with breast cancer.The technique resolves issues caused by the removal of lymph nodes and the massive accumulation of fluid that occurs post surgery. However, Lymphedema can also be diagnosed at birth and is sometimes known to be present during puberty as well. The cause of Lymphedema is unknown to this day and has been known to affect as many as four limbs and other parts of the body.However, when treated properly can produce ravishing results. The technique is also used for post-liposuction,post-plastic surgery, detoxification, and edema.

Who is it for?

Studies show that approximately, 25 percent of breast cancer patients whose surgery involves procedures that remove of lymph nodes in the area of the armpit, are very likely to develop lymphedema. Symptoms from Lymphedema can occur immediately after radiation therapy or surgery, or weeks, months, and even years later. Symptoms are common for patients who are diagnosed with prostate ,colon,melanoma, or bladder cancer.Others who suffer from Lymphedema and would benefit from the therapy are patients who are damaged by radiation treatment, infection or trauma. The primary symptoms include swelling and pain near the site of the removed or damaged lymph nodes. Thankfully, lymphatic drainage is sometimes used to promote detox, improve circulation, sharpen memory, and enhance athletic performance.

The manual drainage procedure with treatments cellulite, spider veins,scarred tissue, and acne and many others including:
⦁ arthritis
⦁ bronchitis
⦁ chronic fatigue syndrome
⦁ chronic pain
⦁ constipation

What’s it like?

At places like Lymphatic Drainage Massages, a therapist trained in lymph drainage massage, assists with the stimulation of the lymph system by administering light, circular pumping movements. These movements result in helping drain puffy, swollen tissues. The drainage technique supports the body’s immune system and assists with the healing process the body needs post surgery. The drainage method also plays a vital role in aiding in the body’s detoxification and removal of unnecessary waste. Patients that participate in this procedure, are advised to drink water and refrain from any alcohol or salt intake, due the inhibitions they cause in regards to detoxing.

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