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Lymphatic massage, also called lymphatic drainage therapy is a technique that was developed in Germany during the 1980s. Its basic purpose is to treat an abundance of fluid that can build up in the lymph nodes throughout the body. This condition known as lymphedema may occur in newborns, during puberty or post surgical procedures such as a mastectomy. Lymphedema varies in time of occurrence post removal of lymph nodes. The condition may show up immediately or over an undetermined period of time. Common types of surgery where lymphedema could result are damage from radiation treatment, melanoma or the colon.

Occasions for Lymphatic Drainage

There are said to be numerous reasons for utilizing lymphatic drainage therapy. A few are noted below:

  • Tissue regeneration: This occurs when toxins are removed throughout the human body.
  • Practitioners trained in this procedure use lymphatic massage to promote anti-aging effects.
  • Lymphatic drainage removes unwanted fats from vessels throughout the body.
  • Lymphatic drainage is reported to stimulate the immune system which increases lymph flow.
  • Lymphatic drainage aids treatment of acute and chronic inflammatory processes.

Known Outcome From Lymphatic Massage

Noteworthy, the Lymphatic Network contends lymphatic drainage has some limitations. Pain may result which calls for a break in using this technique until cause is determined. Patients known to have signs of congestive heart failure need to be closely monitored. Furthermore, sudden onset of infection or lymphangitis calls for ongoing monitoring and physician-directed treatment protocols in place.

Opinion is varied on the range of conditions and diseases lymphatic drainage can address. Intravenous injection of high dose vitamin c IVand platelet rich plasma offer secondary advantages to the positive effect of lymphatic drainage.
Findings indicate glutathione IV side effects along with the above modalities are quite minimal. Glutathione is produced by the liver and found in most fruits, vegetables and meat. It is widely used for treating anemia, tired blood and kidney disorders. High-dose vitamin C provides immunity boost as it has anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties.Plasma rich in platelets is used to help deter the aging process in skin, especially this is so for wrinkles around the forehead and face.
Conventional medicine credits lymphatic massage to be an adjuvant treatment in treating health conditions including cancers.

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