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Lymphatic drainage therapy is a unique body massage that requires the practitioner to have extremely high skills on lymphatic system anatomy. Massage starts at skin level and must be able to increase the rate body lymphatic flow. Perfect blood circulation, improved immunity, toxins removal, and functional urinary system are some of the benefits of lymphatic drainage massage.

This massage focuses mainly on the areas where the lymph nodes are numerous like groins, neck, and the head .However; it is worth noting that the exact arrangement of the lymph nodes in every person is unique. The process of the lymphatic drainage massage starts at the head then proceeds to other parts depending on the reason for that exercise. The main aim of the practitioner here is to maintain equilibrium in lymphatic flow.


The history of lymphatic drainage therapy dates back to early 1930s when Dr. Emil Vodder and his wife (Estrid) were working as massage practitioners in Cannes. Dr. Emil discovered their patents lymph nodes were swollen and he dared to try working on them even though other doctors were scared. After this, the couple decided to cultivate more in order to understand the composition and swelling of the lymph nodes. However, the scientific world did not care, as it was not ready for their discovery despite all the empirical evidence they had. In 1950, the European countries saw light concerning Vodder’s discovery and called him to lecture students on it. In 1936, Dr. Vodder introduced his discovery as Manual Lymphatic Drainage at a conference held in Paris France.

His discovery made Dr. Asdonk (general German practitioner) to look for him in early 1960s. Dr. Asdonk is the name that all people know on mentioning of Lymphedemas which has its origin on Dr. Vodder’s work. Gunther Wittlinger had a chance to meet Vodder and Asdonk in 1966.The trio founded Association of Dr. Vodder’s Manual Lymph Drainage in 1967.
Below are a few of the countries where Vodder’s MLD method is taught today:

What is Lymphoedema

This is the destruction of lymph transport system. There is both primary and secondary lymphoedema. The main difference is that the primary one is hereditary but the secondary emerges when a surgery removes some lymph nodes. Both secondary and primary lymphoedema results into swelling of face, limbs, or trunks depending on the affected area. Lymphatic drainage massage Miami is very cost effective and provide the best massage services that one may need.

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