Tuesday, October 20, 2020

Lymphatic drainage massage is also known as manual lymphatic drainage. The lymphatic system is a vital system in the body. It helps the body in breaking down waste and getting rid of it. However, this function may be hindered if waste builds-up in the system. The build-up of this waste causes a condition that is referred to as lymphedema. Lymphatic drainage is a therapy aimed at this waste materials blocking the lymphatic system. The therapy was developed in the 30s by Emil and Danish Vodder. It was first used in the treatment of immune system illnesses e.g. sinusitis. Lymphatic drainage massage can even be done at home. It is carried through some easy steps of gently massaging areas along the lymphatic system. This helps in restoring the function of the lymphatic system which helps to boost the body’s ability to fight diseases.

Other Treatments Fostering Healing

Lymphatic drainage massage is just but one of the many therapies that is used in enhancing the body’s healing process. Some other treatments with similar benefits include;

• High dose Vitamin C therapy
It requires that vitamin c be administered intravenously into the body. This helps in suppressing vitamin C deficiency in the body. By so doing, it helps strengthen the body in order to heal fast. The treatment of cancer and immunity boosting are also some of the benefits of high doses of vitamin c.

• Glutathione
Glutathione is present in every human cell. The lack of glutathione leads to death of cells and hence poor immunity. One of the glutathione benefits is that it enables production of healthy cells hence maintaining a healthy body.

• Platelet rich plasma therapy
Just like all these other therapies, plasma rich platelet therapy also works to foster the body’s healing process.


All the above therapies have one thing in common, they help in boosting the body’s immunity. These therapies are very beneficial, especially, in speeding up the healing process after other treatments have been used. However, on their own, they also perform excellently. They can be used in the treatment of many diseases and disorders. Some of these therapies can even be incorporated into your life so as to maintain your well-being. To get the best results from these treatments, ensure that your physician is on the loop and has nothing against it. Also, ensure that their practitioner is certified and licensed.

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