Tuesday, October 20, 2020

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Lymph looks like a clear, pale, yellow liquid with an alkaline PH. It resides in the white blood cells known as lymphocytes. These cells attack bacteria which maims and kills the cell. The liquid lymph moves into the lymph system which consists of nodes, ducts, vessels, tonsils, adenoids, thymus, and the spleen. Sometimes the lymph system becomes overloaded and the lymph nodes or an arm or leg swells. The condition then becomes called lymphedema has been associated with some cancers.

Alleviating Lymphedema

Several options exist to reduce swelling:

  • Lymphatic drainage massage lists as a medical technique to get lymph to flow more
    efficiently through the system. Knowing where the lymph nodes, vessels, and ducts
    resid then applying strategic pressure moves the lymph to where it can become
    disposed of.
  • Thistle milk with its silymarin ingredient has been determined to be a chemo
    preventative agent. It slows growth of tumor cells or prevents mutant cells from
    mutant cells quicker to the lymph system which disposes of them.
  • Ozone therapies help with the collateral damage caused by lymphdema. Chronically
    swollen limbs have more infection from bacterial and fungus. Using ozone therapy on
    those limbs averts the infections.

Platelet Therapy

Plasma rich platelet therapy uses elements of a patient’s own blood to heal injuries in lymphedema areas. Known as PRP it accelerates the healing process with the body’s own chemicals. After healing this allows the less traumatic lymphatic drainage massage to proceed.

Pros and Cons of Lymphatic Massage Therapy

First and foremost, lymphatic massage lists as a natural process. It uses the body’s own muscles and the knowledge of the lymph system to help alleviate swelling and promote healing. The price of the therapy is cost effective. A patient’s family with some training can do the process in between therapist visits. It can be repeated as many times as necessary. It does take direction from a massage therapist since massaging tumors can increase circulation and growth. If a systemic bacterial infection exists massage can spread the infections. The ease it can be done and the way it improves the patient’s mood can fool everyone as to the true state of a patient’s health so they avoid harder more taxing treatments. It is that successful for improving quality of life and mood.

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