Sunday, September 27, 2020

If you have ever dealt with swollen lower extremities and just want the swelling gone, you probably have had a variety of testing done to determine why your lower extremities are swelling. The doctor may order a cardiac work-up to determine if you have a heart problem. The doctor may order you to see a vascular specialist to determine if you have peripheral vascular insufficiency. The doctor may have some lab levels done to see if your blood levels are within the normal range for your age.
But, what happens when all tests turn out negative and the doctor just shakes their head and tells you, “I do not know why your legs and feet swell, because everything vital such as your heart, kidneys, blood pressure and lab work is all within normal limits”.

When Doctors are at a Loss Treating Swollen Extremities

Now the doctor may order supportive measures and tell you to wear compression stockings, stay off your feet as much as possible and keep your legs elevated. So, what is the answer to this dilemma that many people these days suffer from, including you?
These days more people with this problem are looking towards lymphatic drainage therapy to help swelling of the lower extremities.

Many times people find this swelling in the lower extremities to be a problem after,

  • Surgery
  • Are obese
  • On feet all day
  • Residing in high humidity and heat states

Lymphatic massage is a very gentle massage that seems superficial at best. However, this massage therapy is far from superficial. This technique restores the body to a normal homeostasis balance.

Successful Alternative when Traditional Practitioners Offer No Answers

An important system in the body is known as the lymphatic system. This system is like a big vacuum cleaner. As the lymphatic system circulates it cleans out toxins from the body. In between all cells lays dormant waste, excess proteins, excess fluid, bacterial cells and viruses. If you remember the Pac Man game where the small men went along pathways eating up damaging things in its way, this is what the lymphatic system does as it attacks and destroys these cells. When the lymph system is not working to it’s ultimate you tend to feel tired, fatigued, unable to ward of common colds and infections and just feel blah.

The therapist who is well versed in the lymphatic system can, through a lymphatic drainage massage therapy free up this system and reroutes the pathway by stimulating the system to do its job again by remapping these drainage pathways.

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