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Literature indicates that one of the things that lead to the loss of mitochondrial function is effects that come with aging and illness. This loss is brought about by loss of efficiency in the electron chain, which happens because of oxidation. To prevent the oxidative membrane from getting damaged, lipid replacement is issued to offer supplements which also contain sufficient amounts of oxidants. This method helps to restore cellular functions through the replacement of damaged organelles. Impairment in the mitochondrial function is what causes chronic fatigue. Researchers have come up with the lipid replacement technique solely to provide patients with undamaged lipids to counter some of the effects discussed above.

Ingested lipids are transported easily to the tissues

The reason lipid replacement therapy is possible is because lipids that are located in various cellular regions are in a dynamic equilibrium. After oral ingestion, the lipids diffuse and are absorbed to the blood and tissues through carrier alipoproteins. The system performs efficiently because there is a concentration gradient that favors the process. Any lipids that are damaged are easily expelled while undamaged ones take their place.

Below are some of the benefits of lipid replacement
• Reduces fatigue and prevents loss of mitochondrial function
• Helps to remove damaged lipids
• Protects mitochondrial and cellular membranes from damage
• Increases mitochondrial function

Chronic fatigue and degenerative disease

If a mitochondrial function is impaired, the overall energy that is left to the cells is only able to cater for the Krebs Cycle and metabolism. Several conditions can lead to the impairment of the mitochondrial function, but oxidation and destruction of the mitochondrial lipids have been voted among the worst conditions. Biological explanations relate fatigue with the availability of metabolic energy to the cells and tissues. When there is not enough supply of energy to the cells and tissues, fatigue is projected to set in. Therefore, lipid therapy attempts to counter the effects that arise from lack of energy in the cells and tissues.

The NT Factor

In a laboratory experiment, the anti factor was used to create an anti-aging effect. The experiment, which was conducted on rats aged between 18 and 20 months, concluded that NT factor prevented the loss of hearing connected with aging. This can be attributed to the fact that there was increased mitochondrial functions since NT factor contains lipids and nutrients that are necessary to keep mitochondrial functions at optimum levels.

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