Sunday, September 20, 2020

As your body continues to age, it begins to function differently. Your age can affect your cellular properties. Of course, the older you get the more likely you will become more susceptible to different illnesses. Over time, there has been a magnificent amount of research and development geared towards reducing the number of patients affected by different illnesses, such a cancer. One scientist known and praised for his research and practice is Garth L Nicolson, who mainly focused on cell research.

Nicolson has published numerous articles on the models of cell membranes. Most of his editorials covered cancer biology, and cellular properties related to aging. In 2003 he was credited for introducing the practice of lipid replacement therapy into an actual scientific concept.

Different means of Cellular Therapy

Lipid Replacement Treatment is normally used in conjunction with another form of therapy, and replaces oxidized cellular lipids that accumulate as you age and your body goes through different clinical conditions. The lipids that are replaced are protected from damage during ingestion and digestion. This therapy has anti aging effects, is beneficial for patients undergoing cancer treatment, and also helps treat patients with chronic muscle weaknesses and fatigue.

Another major area of focus is that of stem cell research. Stem Cell Therapy is used to prevent and treat different illnesses. The Bone Marrow Transplant is the most popular for of this therapy. Bone Marrow is known for treating patients that have lymphoma or leukemia. The science behind stem cells therapy has been used as a focal point of research for a wide variety of different health topics, such as neurodegeneration. Stem Cells assist with repairing 5 primary functions including:

  • Providing an anti inflammatory effect
  • Recruiting additional cells, such as endothelial progenitor cells, that are essential for tissue growth and repair
  • Supporting tissue repair over scar formation
  • Differentiating into bone, cartilage, tendon, and ligament tissue.
  • Inhibiting apoptosis

Additional Repair Features

Another popular form of therapy is pulsed electromagnetic field therapy, (or pemf therapy). This practice is often used in the field of orthopedics for the treatment of failed fusions, depression, and congenital pseudarthrosis. This practice stimulates cellular repair. This is popular with sports medicine and sciences. The FDA has approved several different devices that provide electromagnetic therapy. These different methods are used to reduce fatigue and muscle failure. Different science has been researched and tested for doctors that provide therapy for different illnesses. Research is key when finding the best solution for yourself or a family member.

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