Monday, September 21, 2020

Did you know chronic fatigue syndrome could be corrected? The syndrome is corrected using a number of means. All these alternative methods aims at correcting the impaired mitochondria function. Mitochondria are used to create energy in body cells. Their failure means loss of energy production in cells. When this occurs, the individual develops chronic fatigue syndrome. Loss of energy production will hinder various critical body functions even at cellular level. It is important to note that all body activities require energy. This syndrome is mainly associated with elderly people. If not corrected early, the individual will suffer from continuous fatigue. An individual may also die prematurely.

Lipid Replacement Therapy

With lipid replacement therapy, individuals with chronic fatigue syndrome are given phospholipids to replace membranes that are damaged. To succeed in replacement of damaged membranes, phospholipids must create high concentration of mitochondrial membrane lipids. When the right concentration is reached, the mitochondria will stop leaking and regain their energy production functionality. These phospholipids were developed by combining lipid transporters and antioxidants. Since the treatment is administered orally, without proper formulations to protect it, it will be digested by the digestion system. NT factor was developed to help achieve this. The supplement helps to successfully transport phospholipids to target cells. Lipid replacement therapy is almost similar to plaquex therapy except that the latter is for damaged cell membranes. Damage to cell membranes lead to loss of cholesterol from the cell to blood serum lowering cholesterol content of the cells. It is also important to note that the nutrients given during mitochondrial support are of a wide range. Each nutrient is important and hence must be included in the mitochondrial support. These nutrients:

  • Vitamins : B1, B2, B6 and C are the most preferred
  • Minerals: calcium, zinc, magnesium and copper
  • Herbs: Curcumin
  • Metabolites: Creatine
  • Antioxidants: acetyl-glutathione, CoQ10 and lipoic acid

Mitochondrial Support

Mitochondrial support is not lipid replacement as such. Unlike Lipid replacement therapy, the body is supplied with the necessary nutrients to help it replace damaged mitochondrial membranes by itself. This treatment is usually important when the syndrome is diagnosed early. It can also be used to enhance the success of lipid replacement therapy.

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