Wednesday, September 23, 2020

If you are even vaguely familiar with the world of celebrity cosmetic and medical procedures, you have probably heard the term “injection therapy”. From Botox to blood facials we have been presented with the most extreme forms of these therapies. What you might not know is that there is a lot of value in certain kinds of injection therapies. But how can we tell the difference between the once that are frivolous and the ones that have merit? That is the question with a controversially trending injection therapy called Lipid therapy. Before we can dive into the origins and potential benefits and risks of Lipid therapy, we should first take a look at some of the other injection therapies that claim to be beneficial beyond the sake of vanity.

Injection Therapies

We have a rich tradition of injection therapies in this country, but never more than than now. Whether for cosmetic or medical reasons, it seems that we are all too eager to jump under the needle. One of the most well known injection therapies in the medical community would have to be would be platelet rich plasma prp injections. In this particular therapy, a patient’s own blood is taken, the plasma are concentrated, and the then the blood is re-inserted in an area that needs tissue regeneration. It has even been used for post operative care. Chelation therapy is an injection therapy that introduces EDTA into the bloodstream, removing all metals and minerals from the blood. This has been invaluable for things like lead poisoning and are considered by some to be beneficial in combating arterial disease. Chelation therapy side effects typically include burning or pain at site of injection, but can be fatal if inappropriately administered. Another important injection therapy is ipt therapy, or insulin potentiation therapy, is used as a delivery system for chemotherapy drugs to actual cancer cells. Some of the similarities that these therapies share with Lipid therapy are:

  • injection as a means of administration
  • high levels of controversy in the medical community
  • alleged benefits to human health

Lipid Therapy

Lipid therapy, also known as fat therapy, is the injection of highly concentrated animal fats that allegedly act as a solvent for toxins and cause the patient to expel a clear slim of toxic waste. It began with celebrities in Italy and France, but rumor has it that American celebrities have begun to experiment with it. The therapy claims that the removal of these toxins allow for higher levels of cognitive function and an increase in memory. Some medical practitioners say that the waste is an indication of damage being done to the body rather than the body being repaired or cleansed. So this celebrity memory boost, as with most other injection therapies, may or may not be the needle in the haystack we all seem to be looking for.

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