Sunday, September 27, 2020

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There are several people who take vitamin every day looking to get the nutrients that are vital for the body’s’ health. Unfortunately for some, they may not be getting all that they need. Nutritional IV therapy is a process that directly places nutrients into the blood stream. One of the forms more commonly used for ozone IV therapy. This is a process that puts Ozone directly into the blood stream, and helps increase the normal benefits of ozone therapy. Using IV therapy allows the body to absorb more of the nutrients without any unsightly side-affects that normal oral taking can have.

What Kind Of Therapies Use It

Some people who take a more natural form of therapy, for example acupuncture and moxibustion for chronic pain, may take nutritional IV therapy in alignment with it. The IV makes it easier for the body to absorb the vitamins that someone who is unable to get them any other way. It is commonly used alongside treatments for people who are getting insufficient amounts of vitamins. Many people who have used nutritional IV therapy have seen a stark increase in the benefits of having the nutrients such as the benefits of vitamin C, the benefits of milk thistle, the benefits of vitamin B, and more. It is a great source for already healthy people as well as those who may have already been diagnosed with something. Some of the uses for this form of IV are,

• Addiction therapy
• Cancer
• Heart Disease
• Infections
• Chronic fatigue

Forms of Nutritional IV

There are several different types of nutritional IV’s. Some of these can include what is known as the Myers Cocktail, or a Calm IV, which is primarily used for anxiety. This type of IV has high doses of vitamin B’s, magnesium and a few lesser dosed nutrients. Another is an Immune IV, which has high doses of vitamin C as well lesser dosed nutrients. This IV consists of trying to help people who suffer from immune disorders, or people who need an immune boost. Talking with the physician before you commit to them is a big factor, knowing your health and being honest with them is another. Before taking any form of medication, ensure you’re healthy enough to do so. If taking oral vitamins upset’s your stomach, or reacts badly with your body, you may be interested in the IV therapy.

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