Friday, December 4, 2020

Most individuals in need of nutritional IV therapy desire to maintain or improve their good health state, prevent or minimize possibilities of colds, flu and other viral illnesses, are preparing for or recovering from a surgical procedure, want to enhance their physical appearance such as nails, skin or hair, and others just want to improve their athletic performance. Additionally, there are individuals who want to slow the effects of the aging process while others are looking for better stress management techniques.


In as much as absence of toxins in a human body is a prerequisite for good health, so is the presence of nutrients. Nutritional IV therapy is particularly important considering it is not always possible to eat right. This therapy feeds the body with the relevant amino acids, minerals and vitamin C IV benefits by injecting them into the bloodstream, hence bypassing the digestive tract where some of these elements are mostly lost.

Additionally, nutritional IV therapy delivers concentrated amounts unlike with oral supplements, which eliminate the possibility of digestive comfort or illness that sometimes comes with oral supplements. Glutathione is a major ingredient in the therapy. Glutathione side effects are evident in:

  • pregnant women
  • breastfeeding women
  • asthmatic individuals

Nutritional IV Therapy Clinics in Miami

Some of the clinics offering nutritional IV therapy include Osteopathic Center, Bardisa Medical Center and Miami Institute for Age Management & Intervention. Before any nutritional IV therapy, these clinics require a patient to have a baseline blood test, which ensures the best course of the treatment is determined because there are individuals who do not have tolerance to some vitamins or minerals. On the other hand, there are patients who would like to integrate the therapy into their personal wellness plan.

The integration starts by adding a blood panel as well as food tolerance testing to the nutritional analysis process to highlight any toxins in the body is in a more detailed manner. This process goes a long way in ensuring the both the patient and the wellness doctor have all the information needed on the patient’s current state of health including stem cell side effects. In addition, the patient may also consider a weekly regimen as a follow-up to his normal therapy sessions.

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