Wednesday, September 23, 2020

IV vitamin C therapy can boost your immune system and practitioners have found the treatment to have anti-viral, anti-bacterial, and anti-histamine benefits. This treatment used in combination with other therapies can be an option for many health conditions including cancer. Extremely elevated doses administered to cancer patients have resulted in many cases where it appears to be lethal to cancer cells in the early stages when used in conjunction with other therapies such as radiation or chemotherapy. In later stages of cancer it can be used to help improve quality of life. Intravenous vitamin C was once thought to be an anti-oxidant. Instead, research shows it is in reality a pro-oxidant that produces hydrogen peroxide within the cells.

About High Dose IV C

Due to the fact that the body’s gastrointestinal tract will not properly absorb an extremely high dose of vitamin C when taken orally, it must be administered in an IV form. If it were to be given orally, there would be many unbearable side effects. With an IV you are able to infuse the vitamin C with other antioxidants or nutrients that may benefit a patient’s symptoms.

Typically, once an evaluation and certain tests have been administered, a weekly regimen will be created by a practitioner to best suit a patient’s needs. Tests may be called for during the treatment periods in order to see the effects of the IV C and adjust any additives as necessary.

Other benefits of IV C may include:

• To help replace vitamins, minerals, nutrients and amino acids
• Support and increase functions of the immune system
• Neutralizes many toxins allowing the body to return to normal levels
• Boosts energy and desire for food
• Helps relieve pain and brings balance to restore over all well-being

Side Effects of IV C

IV vitamin C side effects are usually very minimal and rare. Most commonly individuals complain of irritation where the IV site, headaches, and fatigue. In extremely rare cases accounts of tumor necrosis with hemorrhage have been cited in studies. Even with these concerns, IV vitamin C treatment in correlation with other treatments has a positive effect on patients undergoing cancer management. It is also good to keep in mind that many individuals who have harsh side effects are also on other types of medications and treatments for cancer which may be attributed to the particular side effects they experience.

Thus, it is especially important that a skilled and experienced physician administer any IV treatment. That way your doctor can give you the proper dose at the proper rate in order to further minimize any unlikely, yet possible side effects. They will also be able to determine any risk factors in your health history that may increase any negative impact.

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