Wednesday, September 23, 2020

You’ve seen it all over natural news websites… So what is IV therapy? IV therapy, by definition, refers to the process in which fluids are injected (by IV) into the veins of a patient. IV therapies use a system of drip chambers, which is necessary to regulate the rate at which the fluids flow, and also to prevent air from entering the bloodstream. IV therapies are used in conventional Western medicine as well as alternative medicine. A local alternative medical center can offer alternative versions of IV therapy as well as holistic healing therapies. Integrated therapies using IV therapies are also available.

A Variety of IV Therapies

IV therapies come in many forms. There’s an IV therapy for many many treatments. Aside from cupping therapy miami, therapies can be paired with IV therapies for best results. Rehydration therapy, sometimes known as hydration therapy, is one that is often paired with other therapies to boost healing – especially in integrated medicine. Rehydration can improve hydration and prevent or treat dehydration. In many cases, it’s most necessary to perform rehydration therapy on patients who are so dehydrated that they cannot hydrate themselves properly. In example, their body won’t keep water down, let alone food. The benefit of hydration therapy is that the bloodstream has a 100% absorption rate.

A few more IV therapies could be:

Benefits and Side Effects of IV Therapy

IV therapies, each with their own purpose, have tons of benefits, depending on the specific therapy. IV therapies can help treat, in many areas of medicine, a wide range of disorders, conditions, illnesses, and diseases. Some side effects may include a burning feeling near where the IV connects to the patient. Inflammation is another side effect, and usually harmless. In hydration therapy, the skin can swell with hydration, and glow. This is a healthy side effect, and will start to fade the moment the procedure is complete. Some therapies are not meant for patients with certain conditions. Before starting a therapy, talk to your doctor to see if IV therapy is right for you. Find a local holistic center near you, to schedule an appointment.

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