Tuesday, September 22, 2020

It generally begins with a need to increase the amount of a particular substance that a patient may require. IV infusions may be used for a variety of purposes that range from liquid medications to fluids that hold a nutritional value. Many patients may be less than supportive of the idea of an IV attached to their vein simply because their ability to move around is hampered. PRP or plasma rich platelet is a lot more beneficial and may not restrict the patient as much as an IV. Individuals who experience chronic long-term pain will usually be the recipient of this therapy. The procedures are generally noninvasive and may be repeated through office visits for at least a dozen treatments.

The fountain of youth

One IV infusion that seems to have increased in popularity is the glutathione IV. Most recipients are convinced that this form of therapy will give them the additional boost they need to turn back the hands of time. The plan is to remove the unwanted toxins contained in your body by way of excretion. It should be noted that the benefits of this IV therapy would exceed the fountain of youth to go on to improved things. Glutathione could be administered through a variety of methods including orally however, most will agree that the most successful option is still through an IV.

Benefits of glutathione

● Used to treat diabetes.

● Positive results with treating infertility in men.

● Success in treating patients with Parkinson’s disease.

● Used to treat patients with anemia.

Stay healthy

There is no question that vitamin c can work wonders on the human body. Add that to the fact that oranges and other vitamin rich products taste so good and you may already have a winner. Vitamin c on a daily basis may require the patient to increase their dosage to unconventional levels. Part of the reason for these alterations is to help deal with some of the medical issues that plague them. Some of the high dose vitamin c benefits include a natural cure for issues with the skin. Individuals with wounds will find that high doses of vitamin c can be very helpful to the healing process. High cholesterol, stress, and treating symptoms of the common cold will also be much easier to deal with when accompanied by vitamin c therapy. Treating cancer and helping with cardiac patients are simply icing on the cake to place this IV treatment in high demand.

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