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Dayton Medical Center is located in Miami and is recognized for using integrative and holistic medical practices. This medical facility that was introduced in 1973 integrates conventional, complementary and alternative medicine. A wide range of health conditions, such as advanced cancer or simple allergies are treated by these Miami doctors. Patients seeking treatment are allowed to choose either the alternative or conventional medicine approach. Doctors working in this health facility dedicate their lives in providing the best health care to their patients.

IV treatments
Infusion therapy involves introducing liquids directly into a vein. This therapy is used in delivering medications, for chemotherapy, for correcting electrolyte balance, for fluid replacement and during blood transfusion. IV therapy is deemed as the fastest method to deliver medications and fluids to the body. A number of IV treatments that are offered at Dayton Medical Center are discussed below.

Vitamin IV
Intravenous ascorbic acid or Vitamin C has detoxification, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and tissue building characteristics thus it can be used for various health conditions. Antioxidants protect the body from attacks by free radicals, which are harmful chemicals that destroy body tissues. Intravenous Vitamin C is successfully used in treating bacterial infections, common colds, chemical toxicity, hepatitis, cancer, fatigue and burns. It also dissolves the neuro-toxic proteins present in Alzheimer’s disease. It also effectively enhances how some chemotherapeutic agents work. Vitamin C is introduced into the body intravenously in doses ranging from some few milligrams to over 100g. Vitamin C in higher doses is used as a holistic chemotherapeutic treatment for benign tumors because it doesn’t leave any residual harmful chemicals. Intravenous Vitamin C has the ability to achieve therapeutic levels that significantly combat cancer. This therapy is quite safe although caution must be taken when dealing with patients with glucose 6PD, which is a genetic enzyme deficiency and those with kidney impairment. There are Vitamin IV for everyone.

Glutathione is a minute molecule that is made up of three amino acids. Proteins are made up of amino acids. Glutathione effectively minimizes the free radicals activity and other harmful pathogens in the body. It regulates the production of nitric acid, which plays a critical role in controlling arterial function. Glutathione helps in genetic repair and facilitates proper function of all the body systems. It has dramatic effects on patients with Parkinson’s because it abates tremors. Glutathione treats chronic, infectious and acute conditions. It reduces blood pressure in people with diabetes and increases the efficacy of Cisplatin, a chemotherapeutic drug.

Myers cocktail
This involves mixing multiple vitamins and magnesium to create a cocktail that optimizes the body’s health and performance. This cocktail is administered within a short time and people with busy schedules use it to eliminate fatigue and overcome a common cold among many other conditions. This cocktail has proved to be quite effective in jumpstarting the body’s metabolism.

Phosphatidyl choline
This involves introducing phosphatidyl choline into the body intravenously to help in improving the cell membranes integrity, reducing plaque buildup within the arteries and detoxifying organic chemicals. It is usually given intravenously together with stabilizing nutrients. In most cases it is combined with glutathione and folic acid and used in detoxifying the body.

Silver Hydrosol
A dilute aqueous suspension made from elemental silver known as silver Hydrosol is used in combating all forms of public infections caused either by viruses, bacteria and fungi. It also has anti-inflammatory qualities that can effectively treat degenerative conditions caused by concomitant or underlying infections. It is used in treating patients with various conditions including Candidiasis, hepatitis, chronic fatigue and Lyme disease among other infections. Recently, a patient suffering from Parkinson’s who got several infusions of silver hydrosol at the medical center, showed great improvements. It is important to select the right silver based infusions and ensure you get the right concentration. This prevents the patient from getting undesired side effects, such as temporary, dizziness, rashes and headaches as well as blue discoloration on the skin.

PK Protocol
This intravenous fluid was named after Patricia Kane. Blood is removed from the body using a syringe and is mixed with phosphatidylcholine. This mixture is then re-infused in the body and followed by infusion of glutathione and folic acid intravenously. This treatment aims at reducing the damage caused by free radicals, detoxifying the body and supporting anti-oxidation. This intravenous therapy is periodically repeated to cater for issues relating to fishing degeneration and toxic pressure.

The Miami doctors at Dayton Medical Center are prepared to help you with any therapies you might need.

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