Sunday, September 20, 2020

The number of people seeking out nutritional IV therapies has been increasing in recent years as the problem of getting enough vitamins, minerals and other important areas of nutrition has become a key factor in the growth of this medical procedure. One of the major reasons aspects of modern life that tends to worry those suffering from a medical condition like a cold or flu, or who simply feel they need to detoxify their body is the high number of chemicals and lack of nutrients in everyday foods. By choosing IV nutritional therapy a larger number of the nutrients needed to live a healthy and rewarding lifestyle are passed directly into the bloodstream.

Bypassing oral nutritional therapies

Many people look to boost their nutritional intake each day through the use of oral dietary supplements, but these have been proven to be difficult for the body to absorb in high quantities. Vitamins and minerals are included in nutritional therapies given in an intravenous technique as they have a greater ability to be absorbed into the body without causing illness or painful side effects. These side effects are highlighted by vitamin C, which can only be absorbed orally at rates of up to 3,500 mg and even then bowel problems can occur. Providing vitamin C through an IV means larger levels can be used reaching up to 50,000 mg without painful diarrhea or abdominal pain resulting. The main uses of IV nutrition therapy include:

Delivering nutrients directly into the bloodstream

Nutritional therapies delivered through an IV require the individual to be hooked up to a clear plastic containing a mixture of vitamins and minerals that is delivered directly into the bloodstream through a needle. Although higher levels of both vitamins and minerals can be delivered it is possible to change the types and kinds of ingredients in each therapy to meet the needs of the patient. By including vitamins and minerals that are difficult for the body to obtain and absorb through food and supplements the ability of cells to repair and regenerate is increased with the correct choice of supplements.

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