Wednesday, September 23, 2020

There are several options for ensuring that we receive the appropriate amount of nutrients that our body needs. One of the primary resources is through a natural source of food and vegetables. Unfortunately, this option is drastically reduced when the patient is under the weather which is where a resource known as a nutritional IV is introduced. Natural resources such as ozone therapy have been on the rise in an attempt to avoid some of the less favorable side effects from western procedures. It is interesting to note that the list of ozone therapy side effects are relatively non-existent unless the process was being incorrectly administered. This is hardly possible for future procedures, as many of the outdated procedures have been improved.

Heart Healthy

Patients with cardiac issues may have heard about an alternative form of treatment known as plaquex therapy. The possibilities for using this form of therapy were first realized in Switzerland where it was introduced to patients with coronary disease of the artery. After testing a few willing participants with a less than favorable prognosis the future began to look very bright. Treatments were extensive and included as many as 30 to 40 procedures but in most cases, the results were astounding. The plaquex treatments have a far greater impact on repairing the damaged tissues as they go directly to the source without having to be filtered by the liver.

Benefits include

● Increasing the HDL and lowering the LDL cholesterol levels.

● Greater impact on mental functionality.

● Increased sexual functions.

● Facilitates increased ability for the patient to be mobile.

Dealing with pain

Pain in any form can be very troubling for the person having to live with it. Chronic pain in particular can cause many individuals to experience long bouts of depression that may even include thoughts of suicide. Pulse electromagnetic fields or pemf therapy as it may sometimes be referred to will be a great option for dealing with many issues of pain. The process may be new to some people when in fact it has been around for some time. PEMFs treatments have been known to achieve a great deal more than reduction of pain it also helps the body accelerate the healing process in areas of the bone and also much of the soft tissue. Stimulation of the DNA and RNA are also positive side effects of the procedure especially since they contribute to an improved immune system.

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