Sunday, September 20, 2020

Homeopathy is the idea that the body has the natural ability to heal itself and is the consumption of extremely diluted natural substances. It originated in Germany in the late 1700’s and has been widely used throughout various European countries, England and India ever since. Since 1938, many of their treatments have successfully undergone regulation in the U.S. and are considered safe to use. You can get recommendations through a holistic center although many are sold over the counter in natural health food stores. It’s also important to let your physician know if you plan to use them regularly because they are not recommended for use as a substitute for traditional medicine and can even counteract on some of their effects.

Benefits of IV Nutrition

IV Nutrition Therapy is used primarily to treat cancer, the effects of heart disease and various infections. It helps to put back various vitamins and minerals that are often lost due to the effects of the above disease and that of chemotherapy on cancer patients. Particularly if your digestion is weak to the point at which it can’t keep much down or process much through the intestinal track, it tends to expel the nutrients without allowing parts of them to circulate throughout the blood stream. This is where something like nutrition IV therapy comes in. In putting all of those lost vitamins and minerals back into your body, it can help with its restoration.

Some other conditions that nutrition IV therapy can benefit:

  • Chronic fatigue. Being consistently fatigued often leads to an array of other imbalances which include insomnia, headaches, inability to concentrate and digestive issues. As a result, it can be difficult to treat with oral medications exclusively.
  • Chronic pain. Chronic pain often leads to an array of symptoms from drug addiction to insomnia.
  • Cessation of smoking. Nicotine withdrawal makes many people excessively sweat and sometimes even seize.

Rehydration IV Therapy

IV rehydration therapy is administered primarily to children who have severe dehydration issues. This is because children are not as good at being able to tell when they’re ill or at monitoring things like their caloric and vitamin intake. Adults are much more likely to become severely dehydrated from being ill or vigorous exercise without stopping to drink water or something like a sports drink. It is usually not administered unless the child’s life is in a clear and present danger as children often have difficulty sitting still. This can lead to an infection or collapsed veins. When dehydration occurs, it doesn’t mean just a loss of water, it also means a loss of electrolytes.

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