Sunday, September 20, 2020

Ozone therapy is an integrative medical procedure with purported health benefits to aid in various conditions. There are various ways in which ozone therapy is administered such as ionized oils, ozoned water sprays, vaginal/rectal injections, muscle injections, and intravenously. The most popular, and most effective, procedure is the ozone application intravenously, known as autohemotherapy. Autohemotherapy is a simple process in which the blood is drawn from the veins and the ozone is added to the blood. After the ozone is added to the blood, the blood is then re- injected into the veins.

Why Choose Ozone Autohemotherapy

There are many reasons to choose ozone therapy. Many people suffer from “incurable” disease such as AIDS or various cancers. It is important to remember when choosing medical ozone therapy, that it is not a magic potion or a cure. The procedure and therapy will be most effective when combined with your regular medical treatment. Some of the wonderful benefits of ozone therapy include:

  • Increased oxygen levels in the body
  • Immune system enhancer
  • Body acidity regulator
  • Cell energizer

Possible Side Effects

When administered correctly, iv ozone therapy has little, to no negative side effects. Some possible side effects that have been recorded are dizziness, light headedness. Some sleepiness and weakness has been reported by those who undergo this procedure. Possible skin reactions at the application site of the ozone, similar to nettle rash, is seldom, but possible. Caution should be taken if you have high or low blood pressure and are taking medications for those conditions. Ozone therapies may also drop the blood sugar level too low in those with diabetes.

Those wishing to undergo ozone therapy should start with small doses and gradually increase to the appropriate amount of ozone in order to avoid antioxidant exhaustion. A few days before the procedure, it may be beneficial to take antioxidants. Those individuals who are taking hormones may need a high dose than the average person. In order to avoid adverse side effects, do not use ozone with ether, or its derivatives, or any other medical agents. Always start your procedure with a trial procedure so that you can observe how your particular body reacts to ozone therapy.

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