Friday, September 18, 2020

IV infusion is delivery of liquids to the body through a vein. Atube or injection is used for this purpose to deliver medications, blood builders and nutrients. IV infusion is used on patients who cannot take oral medication when it proves unresponsive or for those who cannot have oral medications administered to them such as recuperating patients who have had gastro-intestinal surgery. It is also used to quickly introduce nutrients or water for a dehydrated patient as it reaches faster, directly into the bloodstream, rather than orally.


The forms of IV infusion therapies include;

IV glutathione is a form of treatment where glutathione is injected to the body. Glutathione is a substance present in our cells that protects the cell. When absent, the cells will die. The substance has been used to manage Parkinson’s disease, a glutathione deficiency disease, successfully. It is also used to detoxify the body. Patients with HIV and viral Hepatitis, liver cirrhosis as well as lung disease stand to benefit from iv glutathione therapy to replenish the depleted glutathione in their bodies.


Chelation therapy is a kind of treatment where chelating agents such as EDTA are injected into the body to remove heavy metals or minerals from the body. Chelation, which means to bind or grab, is used to remove metal toxins. Chelation treatment has common side effects such as harm to kidney and dehydration. This established, it is also good to note that the benefits greatly outweigh the dangers. Metal toxins can be poisonous thus hazardous to the body. As an alternative medicine, chelation also treats heart conditions and autism.

Prp platelet rich plasma therapy is a new treatment which relieves pain from the back, neck and spine. Platelets help in clotting blood but also have proteins known as growth factors that help in healing. For therapy, blood is drawn from the patient. The platelets are separated from other cells in the blood in a process called centrifugation which helps the platelets multiply. These platelets are then mixed with the blood. When injected in the area of injury it helps to relieve pain. Prp-Platelet rich plasma therapy is useful in reduction of pain. It is extremely useful to those who want other options from the orthodox medical treatment and wish to heal using natural methods. The risk associated with this form of alternative treatment is minimal and is encouraged to manage chronic pain.

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