Tuesday, October 20, 2020

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Vitamins have always been believed to kill cancer cells. However, some other professionals believe otherwise. They claim that no time would vitamin c IV have the ability to kill cancer cells but otherwise are used to boost immune system. What happens when the immune system is boosted is the fact that the body is more able to deal with infections and eventually keep the body maintaining the health that is so desirable for normal living. However, when it is ingested in absolutely high doses, there is a possibility that one is being predisposed to side effects that could be dangerous.

What are other related factors?

Related therapies include lymphatic drainage massage therapy. This is based on the believe that lymphatic system is one of the most important systems in the body after circulatory system. But since there is no pump like the heart in the circulatory system, there is always need for massage to distribute lymph around the body. Lymphatic drainage massage benefits include basically the distribution of lymph around the body for normal functioning.

IV vitamin therapy, on the other hand, is among therapy that is offered in center for integrated medicine among other places. Center of integration is a center that is used by physicians to remedy health condition that are persistent. It involves the combination of more than one form of therapy. This is based on the fact that some health conditions would cling even after one form of therapy has been subjected to them. Vitamin IV could be among the integrated therapies and while some therapists attach it to remedying cancer conditions, the most basic use of these therapies is to boost the immune system of an individual. When it is boosted, it enhances their functionality and their ability to kill disease causing agents. The following are some of the side effects of this of this therapy:


All these therapies are quite functional and can be used to correctly treat health conditions. However, the main thing that has always been emphasized is the issue of quality. Quality should be attached to every other therapy being undertaken due to the fact that they come with intense factors of side effects. These side effects are normally caused by issue to do with poor handling by physicians. It is therefore advisable that you insist on high quality service from the doctors because some of them are sub standards.

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