Thursday, October 29, 2020

Vitamin C is necessary to promote good health in many areas of the human body. For the most part these vitamins are accessible through the foods that we eat. Unfortunately, due to lifestyle and menu preferences many of us fall short of the required daily dosage of vitamin C. On the other hand, high doses of vitamin C has had a reasonably good success rate in the treatment of other ailments. Like all other medications there are a few high dose vitamin c side effects that may interest the patient. These side effects appear prevalent in patients with risk factors in other areas. They may affect kidneys, red blood cells and increased levels of iron.

Side Effects

High doses of vitamin C is not the only treatment that can leave you with side effects. This is one of the reasons why careful consideration should be given before adding anything new to your body. One ingredient that is produced naturally by your body is glutathione. It is produced by your liver and works to build tissues and activate the immune system. There are very few reported side effects of glutathione as it pertains to the reaction within your body. Some precautions indicate that mothers who are nursing should use caution, especially if they are breast-feeding their infant. It should also be noted that anyone using this product with issues like Asthma might end up with false readings.

Areas Where glutathione will be useful

• It has positive results in the treatment of diabetes.
• Some positive results have been reached when treating infertility in men.
• Parkinson’s disease can also be treated with IV glutathione.
• It is also considered as an option for treating atherosclerosis.

The More You Know

Medical IV’s and injections continue to be the preferred choice by some health care providers. This is probably because the results are much quicker as the medication and treatments go straight to the bloodstream. One option for speeding up the healing process is prp injections. When injected into the human body it speeds up the blood clotting process. There are a few different instances where these injections might be used such as muscle and tendon injuries. Depending on who you ask the benefits of prp in surgery will vary. The fact that it is being used in more instances of surgery should tell a story. The use of the Medical IV may still be questioned in some circles, but the benefits continue to be encouraging.

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