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There are three ways to get nutrients into your system. The first and easiest way is to simply take a pill and swallow it down. The second is to put a gel into an orifice in your body and allow it to secrete into your blood stream. The third way is to place the nutrients directly into the blood stream. The first way is easiest since all you have to do is swallow, but it comes with some side affects. When you swallow something it has to pass through all of the body systems before it gets to the blood stream. Often, the nutrients have either been processed or destroyed in the stomach and are sent out of the system immediately. Often times, when the body doesn’t know what to do with something it will simply flush it out. The best way to get the nutrients directly into the blood stream is through an IV and this is called IV nutritional therapy.

Shown to help many diseases out there

Intravenous nutrition feeds minerals and nutrients directly into the bloodstream. This process also increases the amount of nutrients in the blood, and thereby has more of the nutrient available in the blood stream to be used. This treatment has been shown to treat and help the following syndromes and diseases:

• Parkinsons
• Asthma
• HIV infections
• Diabetes and much much more.

There are many different nutrients available

A doctor who would be administering IV nutrition therapy would tailor its treatments depending on the disease that the person suffers from. There has been extensive studies of this therapy and many diseases and syndromes have shown in clinical trials to benefit from this therapy. One of the most popular additives in this therapy is the virus fighting vitamin C. It’s always been said that the more vitamin C in your body the better you will feel. This IV treatment helps people with Hepatitis C to the common cold. They are also using this therapy to give patients nutrients that they are missing from their diet and there is no other way to get these nutrients. They mix together a cocktail of vitamins and enzymes, along with a dose of hydrogen peroxide which helps the body accept these nutrients. In the end, the body is fortified with the nutrients it needs and the patients are better because of the therapy.

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