Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Nutrients are found in the food that we ingest, the best combination of nutrients can be achieved through a balanced diet. The food goes through a process known as digestion in order for nutrients to be obtained and be absorbed into the bloodstream for transport to various organs and use in the body. There are various processes that are food undergo in the digestive tract, and each process contributes ultimately to absorption of nutrients in the body. Doctors have come up with a way that could by-pass all these process and avail food in the body through intravenous injection of nutrients in the right proportion to the bloodstream, this can be quite important to a patient especially if introduced in the right way, and it is too good to be true.

Therapies to Consider

IPT therapy: this s a form of short-term treatment for depression, in our daily lives, we undergo various issues, and interpersonal relationships can sometimes be depressing to us, this enables the patient to cope better with situations and adjust their lives socially, the therapist strictly stick to empirical evidence

Iv chelation therapy: this is a form of therapy that is used to remove heavy metals from blood by injection of chelating agent into the blood stream and binds the heavy metals such as mercury together in a form that can be excreted in the urine

Platelet rich plasma prp therapy: this therapy is used to increase the count of platelet part in the blood to bring about a quick healing effect in inflamed cells, pierced parts of the body and injured parts. Its side effects may include;

  • Soreness in the point of injection
  • Allergic reactions
  • Skin discoloration


Despite the various advantages of all therapies, there might be side effects, one should understand them, before engaging in any kind of treatment. There are several cases where individuals have developed other infections because the treatment is not done in the right procedure; it is important for one to insist on quality of treatment before accepting to be treated. Besides he advantages, of a quick recovery in most alternative therapies, there is hardly any of them that has no side effect, some may have mild side effects while some may have chronic cases. It is good that progress in the field of medicine is here to give us something to smile about. but it is very advisable to always opt for quality services and physicians.

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