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IPT is a term mostly used in therapy treatment that stands for Interpersonal Psychotherapy. This is a type of therapy that is structured for people who suffer from moderate to severe type of depression. The main idea in this form of treatment is that psychological problems caused by the difficulties faced through interactions with others. IPT helps the patients to identify their feelings and behaviors in their respective relationships. A person who is able to interact well with others develops improved psychological symptoms. The International Society for Interpersonal Therapy identifies the three components of that a typical depression patient does through and they include:

  • Formation of symptoms
  • Social functioning
  • Personality problems

IPT focuses on four major relationship areas

Conflicts are usually inevitable whether at home with family or at place of work or even with your friends. Sometimes arguments may tend to take a more negative side and therefore becoming a major source of tension and stress leading to severe depression.

Significant changes that greatly affect how one feels about themselves and others around them. People go through different types of challenges every now and then but some occurrences may be too much to cope with.

Grief and mourning because of losing a loved one becomes one of the major sources of depression. Some patients are unable to accept the event and are left sad and blocking those around them. They are unable to carry on with their daily routines.

Inability to keep relationships going can take a huge toll on someone. They feel lonely and unable to talk to someone and this leaves the patient feeling overwhelmed by the daily demands of life. In addition to IPT treatment, one can also consider moxibustion acupuncture famously known for relaxation of the body.

How IPT works

Just like other forms of therapy like neurofeedback therapy adhd, individual therapy is different since different patients have varying symptoms. Some suffer from moderate depression while others experience the more severe form. However, there are structures of treatment is similar and follows a particular design.

The patient is usually scheduled to meet the therapist for an average of twenty sessions depending on the type of depression. Most sessions are normally on a weekly basis and can last up to one hour. The therapist conducts and a medical assessment on the patient after an interview. The therapist then creates an outline that is based on the problems experienced by the patient. Other conditions treated by IPT and fall in the list of milk thistle seed extract benefits include:

  • Substance abuse
  • Dysthymia
  • Bipolar disorder
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