Wednesday, September 23, 2020

The nature of insulin potentiation therapy is to provide an alternative treatment. This is a treatment alternative for cancer. It is a natural low dose chemo drug. This uses a duel combination of conventional drugs that can be found in nature. This is considered to be a softer method of treating cancer. It is said to be a gentle and kind method. This can be used to fight off some of the aggressive cancers as well. This would include lung cancer. This would also be used to treat many varieties of cancer. The reason that this is a gentle treatment is due to the fact that it does not have the usual side effects. This eliminates the nausea that is commonly associated with cancer treatments.

The Holistic Choice

This insulin is a holistic choice and approach. This is a tradition that is European. The idea behind this approach is that every cancer patient must be aware of the fact that the entire healing will be a process. It may take some time to fully eliminate the cancer. The traditional cancer treatments have left patients with a hope of eliminating the cancer altogether. A hope is not the same as a cure or the complete elimination of cancer. This holistic treatment is fully committed to providing each patient with several treatment modalities. The progression brings about changes and growth in the cancer treatment with this holistic choice. This type of therapy may be considered a weapon against cancer. The end result is to create a cancer-hostile territory. This would be in the body itself. The idea is to ensure that the body will have to ability to stand alone in the fight against cancer. The body should have the ability to energize itself while defending itself from further episodes of cancer. Keep the following items in mind when referring to IPT:

  • A real Stage IV alternative treatment for cancer
  • IPT works good on the cell membranes
  • The side-effects are minimal

How is it Administered?

IPT therapy will include the administering insulin. This is done during the time in which chemotherapy drugs are administered. The goal is to actually lower the doses of chemotherapy and allow more of the natural drugs into the cancer cells themselves. This is a therapy that may only be administered at a clinic by professional cancer experts. This essentially will enhance the effects of low doses of chemotherapy.

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