Saturday, September 19, 2020

IPT stands for Insulin Potentiation Therapy and is a new approach in the treatment of cancer. It is claimed that this approach utilizes 75% – 90% less chemotherapy than is used in standard treatments but achieves a better outcome than the traditional approach to fighting cancers. Insulin “potentiates” or enhances the effectiveness of chemotherapy drugs. This special treatment makes use of chemotherapy drugs, glucose and insulin to target cancer cells and poison them, in a way that magnifies the potency of the chemotherapy drugs used. IPT is said to provide a gentler approach, is powerful enough to fight even the most aggressive cancers such as colon cancer, lung cancer and others, and produces none of the devastating side effects such as liver damage, nausea, and DNA damage or hair loss.

How Sugar Affects Cancer Cells

At the basis of the IPT’s effectiveness is the way the presence of sugar affects cancer cells. While it is true that sugar feeds cancer, it also plays an important role in the fight and destruction of cancer cells in the body. There are 20 times more insulin receptors on cancer cells than there are on healthy cells and, because of this, PET scans can readily identify cancer cells by observing the sugar uptake of the cells. If a radioactive agent is mixed with sugar and water, and then introduced into the body, the presence of cancer cells will be readily seen accumulating around the radioactive substance. This pattern will show where a mass of cancer cells is located.

How Sugar is Used In IPT Treatment

In Insulin Potentiation Chemotherapy, the cancer cells’ need for sugar is used to locate and poison the cells. A combination of insulin, chemotherapy drugs, and glucose are used. Insulin is first used to lower the blood sugar level in the cancer patient. While normal cells move their sugar metabolism to fat metabolism, cancer cells do not have that option and instead open their sensitive insulin receptors in a desperate search for any sugar they can locate. A small quantity of chemotherapy drugs followed by some glucose are introduced. The cancer cells will absorb all the glucose they can, but will also absorb the chemotherapy drugs which poisons and kills the cells. Some advantages of using IPT over standard chemotherapy are:
• It is more effective than normal chemotherapy
• It can be given more frequently
• Almost no side effects are experienced by patients
• It only uses about 10% of chemotherapy doses as compared to normal chemotherapy. For example, IPT will use 10 mg Methotrexate as opposed to 60 mg in standard chemotherapy.

The FDA and AMA have not been supportive of this low dose chemo treatment and most doctors are prevented from offering the procedure in most states. Although each state medical association board may decide the types of treatment that can be practiced in its state, the AMA and the FDA still can override their decision.

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