Tuesday, September 22, 2020

Pontentiation means the use of a substance that promotes the effectiveness of another substance. Insulin potentiation therapy is an alternative stage 4 cancer treatment that uses insulin and chemotherapy medicine. The treatment uses more of insulin to enhance the effect of the chemotherapy medicine.
The enhancement ensures that minimum side effects occur and the patient becomes more receptive to treatment. The low dosages of chemotherapy in the insulin Potentiation therapy allows the therapy to be done frequently. Patients benefiting from this form of therapy have an easier experience and are able to work on their nutrition. In addition, they are able to prepare their mind and body for healing without experiencing stem cell side effects. It is imperative to mention that a number of insurance firms do not cover the therapy. This situation leaves patients and their families to dig deeper into their pockets to fund this treatment.

Benefits of Insulin Potentiation Therapy

A number of clinics have opened up and are offering this form of treatment as an alternative to other intrusive treatment. Insulin Potentiation Therapy is slowly gaining popularity and has similar benefits with iv ozone therapy. The benefits of the insulin potentiation therapy are as follows:

  • Patients who have exceeded the maximum number of chemotherapy can still get treated.
  • The reduced side effect makes it ideal especially in situations where the patient is vulnerable and weak.
  • The alternative therapy only targets the cancerous cells and does not tamper with the healthy cells.
  • This form of treatment is less toxic and does not weaken or lower the immune system of patients.
  • The reduced side effect enables a patient using insulin Potentiation therapy to be healed quickly.

How does Insulin Potentiation Therapy work?

Just like the way milk thistle seed is meant to kill toxins in the liver, chemotherapy is meant to kill the cancer cells. However, it also weakens and drains the energy of the patient. It also has a number of side effects because of the strong components found in the drugs. The insulin potentiation therapy was started after the discovery that cancer cells are highly active insulin receptors.
The insulin allows chemotherapy to target cancer cell by working on the cell membranes. Chemotherapy ends up killing the cancer cells but with minimum side effects. The chemotherapy drug is rendered more potent because of the insulin and this situation means that less chemotherapy is required. A patient experiences reduced side effects during insulin potentiation therapy.

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