Friday, December 4, 2020

Insulin Potentiation Therapy is commonly referred to as low dose chemotherapy. In the year 1932 is when the therapy was first developed by Dr. Donato Perez from Mexico. When he discovered this therapy, he was only doing experiments on other illnesses that insulin could treat. This was only 10 years after insulin had been discovered to be effective in the treatment of diabetes. Over the years, his son and grandson took over and continued the development of this therapy. The main aim of the therapy was to treat syphilis. However, as he proceeded with experimenting this therapy, it was aimed at the cure of some cancer types and other chronic degenerative diseases. In the present day, the therapy is used as a mild and effective treatment for cancer which helps avoid the side effects of chemotherapy. Particularly, pain, hair loss and DNA distortion.

Other Alternative Therapies

Most of the alternative therapies that are commonly used today have been used since the early years. Some of this therapies include;
• Glutathione therapy
Glutathione and its medical benefits were discovered years ago. Since then, it has been used for a wide range of conditions and illness. Glutathione is very beneficial to the liver. However, if opting for this treatment, one should be very careful with the glutathione injections side effects. Excessive skin lightening is one of the major side effect of glutathione.
• Chelation therapy
Chelation therapy use can be traced back to the World War II where it was used in the treatment of lead poisoning. When using this treatment for lead poisoning, nausea, vomiting and fever are some of the chelation therapy side effects that should be expected.

• Platelet rich plasma prp therapy
Since the discovery of this therapy many people have benefited with speeded healing from it.


One thing that all these therapies have on common is their ability to alleviate suffering in patients. By researching them, you will find the enormous ways in which you can benefit from. However, do not expect them to be perfect. Just like western medicine, they also have their side effects. Therefore, care should be taken before deciding to use them. First ensure that you physician is aware of your decision to use them and let them advise you accordingly. Also, ensure that they are done by a professional to avoid awful outcomes. Particularly, in the case of glutathione therapy.

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