Monday, September 28, 2020

Insulin potentiation therapy or low dose chemotherapy is a gentler approach to the treatment of Cancer. In this therapy, it is the chemotherapy that works to kill cancer cells. The work of this therapy is only to potentiate the chemotherapy. In this therapy, insulin along with a chemotherapy drug and glucose are administered to the body simultaneously. First, insulin is injected into the body to lower the glucose level. The thing with cancer cells is that they require multiple times more glucose than healthy cells in order for them to survive. This is because, they do not have the ability to produce glucose themselves. Therefore, by administering insulin and reducing blood sugar level, the cancer cells become vulnerable. Therefore when glucose and a chemo drug are administered they instantly rush to absorb it. In the process, they absorb the chemo drug which eventually kills them.

Advantages of IPT

• Chemo Potentiation
Insulin potentiation therapy as the name indicates works to increase the potency of chemo. This is by making the cancer cells standout from the healthy cells. For this reason, a lower level of chemotherapy is required to treat cancer and other illnesses.

• Minimal Side Effects
IPT apart from itself having minimal side effects, significantly helps to reduce the side effects associated with chemotherapy in the treatment of cancer. This therapy helps to set aside the healthy cells from cancerous cells. In so doing, it helps prevent distributive toxicity that is associated with the chemotherapy drugs.

• Cost-effective
IPT therapy is considered to be a cost-effective treatment for cancer. This is because, the chemotherapy works faster. Therefore, it reduces the amount of chemo required. Additionally, this therapy is gentler and is hence suitable for children suffering from cancer.


IPT is very effective. On its own, it has proven to be very beneficial in the treatment of not only cancer, but also infections and even asthma. However, the effectiveness of IPT can be increased when it is used to treat cancer. This is by combining it with DPT (DMSO Potentiation Therapy). The DPT will bind with the chemotherapy drug. On the other hand, insulin will help to make the cancer cells more permeable. Also, it can be combined with acupuncture Miami to reduce the side effects of the chemo drug. If you suffer from cancer, considering this therapy in your treatment would be very beneficial. This therapy can be accessed at any alternative medical center or the center for holistic medicine.

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