Sunday, September 20, 2020

Interpersonal therapy is a short- term form of structured therapy used to treat patients with mild or moderate levels of depression. It focusses on rehabilitating areas of relationships affected by depression. This includes loss and grief, conflicts with other people and all difficulties in building and maintaining relationships. The therapy is effective in the immediate elimination of depression symptoms and enhancing social adjustments. The therapy avoids addressing individuals’ personality issues. Rather, it focusses on the interactions of the patient with others. In the long-term, interpersonal therapy enables individuals deal with social relationships and adjustments on their own.

Facts about IPT

  • Uses of Interpersonal Therapy. Interpersonal Therapy is effective for both mood and non-mood disorders. It has been an effective complementary to bipolar treatment. Also, it is used for the treatment of social phobia, eating disorders and post-traumatic stress disorders. It can be used along with ozone therapy in the treatment of blood sugar. However, you should be aware of the possible ozone side effects that include blood clots in the lungs.
  • Process of Interpersonal therapy. Interpersonal therapy is more focused on achieving results rather than the process. Its effectiveness is measured on whether it works or not.
  • Training for Interpersonal therapy. Training for interpersonal therapy practitioners involves attending a series of research workshops. This is to keep up with trends and arising issues in the therapy.
  • Other forms of therapy. When seeking to enhance your mental, spiritual and physical wellness, there are a range of therapies that can work out for you.

There are different therapies for different illnesses and conditions. For example, there is the knee stem cell therapy for relieving pain and speeding up healing of a broken knee. Other therapies include iv vitamin c, PRP and Chelation therapy.


Interpersonal therapy is the simplest form of psychotherapy to comprehend. The therapy is most effective when used as a complementary to other alternative or conventional treatments. It provides patients with a healing environment that is free of judgement. Also, it enhances relationships of patients with other people, therefore, making them lead a better life. It deals with the depression symptoms formatting, personality issues and social functioning. You may opt to undergo the Interpersonal therapy with you and you practitioner alone. But, you may also choose to work in a group of people with symptoms or a condition just like yours.

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