Sunday, September 20, 2020

Insulin potentiation therapy is also referred to as low dose chemotherapy. It is an alternative treatment that is used in the treatment of cancer. The therapy works by allowing chemotherapy to concentrate on cancer cells thereby reducing the amount of chemotherapy that is required for the treatment of cancer. This means that insulin is used in the treatment in order to make chemotherapy more effective. Insulin is able to do this because cancer cells are great receptors of insulin. Insulin potentiation therapy is very beneficial as it greatly reduces the side effects of chemo. In as much as this therapy is very beneficial to cancer patients, it is not without side effects. Some of the side effects of insulin potentiation therapy is hypoglycemia. The use of this therapy tends to cause low blood sugar in patients.

Other Integrative Therapies

Just like insulin potentiation therapy, there are very many alternative treatments that can help in treating your condition. Some of these therapies include;
• Milk thistle treatments
Milk thistle is also referred to as Silybum marianum. Milk thistle seed extracts are used in the treatment of a wide range of disorders. Some of the illnesses treated by milk thistle include liver cirrhosis, gall bladder illnesses and even diabetes. However, as you use this treatment, you should be aware of nausea, diarrhea and vomiting, as some of the notorious side effects of milk thistle.

• Ozone therapies
An ozone therapy is an oxidative therapy that targets to increase blood oxygen levels. It entails the intravenous administration of ozone.

• Stem cell therapy
Stem cell therapy involves the maturing of stem cells in labs and later administering them to injured body parts. Of the stem cell side effects, pain is the most prevalent.


Though some alternative treatments are yet to be backed-up scientifically, their benefits are evident. Everyone should have a say in their treatment. Do not just be ignorant and be treated blindly. Compare the choices you have. Whether it is between alternative treatments with western medicine or between two alternative treatments. Also, if you can integrate alternative treatments to your regular western treatments, the better. They certainly will help reduce your suffering by increasing the speed of healing. Also, they will neutralize the side effects of western medicine which is very invasive and utilizes a lot of chemicals. When it comes to your health, do not be silent, have a voice.

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