Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Insulin potentiation therapy is used to treat a host of illnesses including cancer. This treatment combines traditional chemotherapy drugs with insulin. One of the benefits of this new treatment is that chemo medications are cut by 90%. The theory behind the addition of insulin is that cancer cells are highly reactive to it. The insulin allows the receptors to open, providing a highway for the chemo drugs to be introduced. The reduction of side effects allows high risk patients the opportunity to receive more treatments in a shorter amount of time.
This treatment has actually been around for years, but has recently received and overhaul. In the past, ipt patients had to put into an insulin coma, not so anymore. This is great news for those suffering from aggressive types of cancer such as, lung and colon.

Shortened treatment Times

A typical session begin with the patient arriving and receiving a fasting blood sugar test, followed by insulin be delivered via IV. Once it has been determined that your sugars are at optimal levels. the chemo drugs are then administered. The entire procedure can take anywhere from 1 ½ hours to 2 hours. It has been reported that there are little to no side effects, this is a drastic change from conventional treatments. Studies have shown that cancer cells contain up to 20% more insulin receptors than healthy cells, this makes ipt advantageous to patients with an end stage diagnosis.

Three additional benefits:

  • Insulin causes cancer cells to grow, making them more vulnerable
  • Increases patients appetite and metabolism
  • The opening of cells allows the body to detoxify itself

A sweeter Option

Despite the idea that sugar is bad for cancer patients, monitored amounts of insulin can actually reduce the cells. Sugar is used when patients are injected with dye during a PET scan. This causes the the cancerous cells to light up when they absorb the radioactive ingredient. This allows the doctor to pinpoint the exact location of a mass. The best side effect of ipt therapy is the reduction of chemotherapy drugs to 1/10 and the worst effect can be potential liver damage. Fortunately, doctors are aware of this problem and routinely do blood tests that alert them of any abnormalities.

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