Wednesday, September 30, 2020

IPT, in this context is defined as; a targeted approach using low dose chemo and complementary therapies to both defeat cancer and rebuild the immune system. It is a gentler solution to a frighting and often times harsh and painful set of treatments for cancer patients.It is a much needed alternative to some of the evasive procedures most suffers have to under go, without a guarantee that they will survive. IPT,can be an approach worth looking into for your self or a loved one.

A few Cities that offer an Integrative Medicine Center

Scottsdale Integrative Medicine Center is located in Arizona and Integrative Medical Center of Santa Barbara, California are two centers that provides patients suffering with cancer a blended approach to wellness. Scottsdale uses holistic medicines and smaller doses of traditional medicine as well as; mind, body, spirit modalities to help the patient either go into remission, cure or pass way in comfort.Santa Barbara uses similar practices.

A list of Practices that can be used for treatment

Alternative medical is any practice that it is put forth as having the healing effects of medicine but does not originate from evidence gathered by the scientific method nor is it bio medicine. These disciplines range from; faith healing, energy medicine, and neuropathy to name a few.

• Faith Healing- Many indigenous groups and Christians believe that the prayers, incantations and hands on healing can heal them selves and others.

• Naturopathy– is an alternative medicine practice that consists of natural modalities including acupuncture, homeopathy, herbalism and diet and lifestyle counseling.

• Energy Medicine-considered a pseudoscience that channels energy into a patient and effects positive results. It can be done hands on, hands off, distant healing, where the patient can be in a different location and still receive treatment.

The lymphatic drainage massage Miami is a center owned by Marian Sotelo Paz,LMT, her practice has been in business for 10 years.She has 25 years of experience. She also educates people who want to learn this valuable skill. The lymphatic vessel carries 75 percent of the waste rejected by our cells .This center provides medical messages of varies types for long term pain sufferers. An active cancer patient is not encouraged to seek this type of message. At some point, IPT uses a variety of these practices to help cure cancer.

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