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IPT is an acronym that stands for insulin potentiated therapy. It represents a method that is used in killing of cancer cells which utilize the use of two drugs in one. What happens in this sense is that insulin is used to pave way by dealing with the cell membrane of the cell while chemotherapy drugs comes in to deal with the real killing of the cells. The only problem that comes with this therapy is that chemotherapy drugs would be required in small doses to reduce their side effects. This is a therapy that was initiated a long time ago but with the advancement of technology, it has been subjected to improvements.

What are the related therapies?

Stem cell treatment knee therapy is the first therapy that is used and has been related to IPT therapy. What happens in this case is that literal bone marrow transfer is done. This involves a very careful replacement of bonne marrow cell and thus the need for professionalism. This transfer can either be within the individual or from one individual to another. They seek to replace sick or dead bone marrow cells by implanting new cells that eventually would turn into bone marrows.

Vitamin c iv is another therapy that is based on the desire to kill cancer cells. However, this therapy has been on the verge of collision between physicians. While some physicians believe that vitamin c kills cancer cells, some do not. However the one thing that’s very evident is that they help to boost the immune system. The following are some of its side effects:

  • Diarrhea
  • Dizziness
  • Fever

Finally is intravenous ozone therapy. What happens in this case is that ozone gases are used to treat conditions whose causal agents do not survive in their presence. This therapy is used to treat issues like diabetes and heart diseases.


All these therapies are all very important while remedying one health situation or the other. What happens however is that there is always the need for quality. This is one factor that dictates the success of the process. Make sure that the professional who is handling you on issue that are very serious like stem cell transplant is very professionals because it can be very risky if the otherwise is the case. The one reason that causes this emphasis is that they all pose serious side effects. These side effects are often caused by poor subjection of therapies.

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