Sunday, September 20, 2020

Insulin potentiation therapy is an integrative medicine technique used in the treatment of cancer. As the name states, insulin does not work solely to treat the cancer. Rather, it utilizes insulin to potentiate chemotherapy in the treatment of cancer. During this therapy, a dose of insulin is injected on the patient. The aim of this is to lower the blood glucose levels. By lowering the glucose levels in the blood, the healthy cells seek alternative means of energy whereas the cancer cells are left vulnerable. Once the blood sugar is lowered, a dose of chemotherapy drug is administered. This is immediately followed by administration of glucose. The cancer cells being in dire need of the glucose take up almost all of the chemotherapy drug in combination with the glucose. These weakens them and finally kills them. IPT for this reason is considered to be very effective.

Benefits of Insulin Potentiation Therapy

Insulin potentiation therapy has numerous benefits compared to the regular conventional treatments for cancer. Here are some of the benefits that IPT has for you;
• Gentle Approach
IPT is a much gentler approach to treating cancer. The insulin used in this therapy helps to make the cancer cells vulnerable to the cancer drugs, in comparison to the healthy cells. For this reason, a much less amount of chemotherapy is required.

• Minimal Side Effects
IPT is associated with minimal side effect. Besides, only a minimal amount is required for the treatment to be effective. Therefore, with IPT, you will notice that there are less side effects that patients have to deal with.

• Effectiveness
IPT therapy is very effective. Rather than affecting all cells in the body, the chemotherapy drugs are made to mainly target on the cancer cells. For this reason, it helps in maintenance of health of cells while killing cancer cells.


When you are looking for a treatment to cancer, your options should not only be limited to chemotherapy. There are many alternative treatment that will be very beneficial for your health, IPT being one of them. However, this is not to say that IPT is not without side effects. You will encounter some, but the good thing is that they will be minimal. One of the most reported side effect of IPT is hypoglycemia. In other cases, it was reported that the use of low chemotherapy drug eventually led to drug resistance. if looking for this treatment, you can access it from the holistic medicine miami or the alternative medicine miami center.

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