Thursday, October 1, 2020

Insulin potentiated therapy is an health remedying healing that is used by physicians to kill cancer cells. What happens in this situation is that insulin and chemotherapy drugs are used together. insulin is used to damage the cell membrane of the cells while in the process giving chemotherapy drugs the opportunity to infiltrate and kill the cell. It can really help to remedy health situations but there is always the need to know that it comes with side effects. Some of the side effects of these therapies can be mild or serious depending on the situations.

What are the related therapies?

Prp injection is the first therapy that is very much related to ipt . The notion behind this is that increment of platelet in the blood around the injured area increases their chances of healing. The process involved is that blood is drawn from the patient and then through a process called centrifugation, it is then injected back into the injured areas. The following is the process that is normally used in the course of prp:

  • Blood is drawn from the patient
  • Platelets content is increased
  • The sample is injected back to the injury

Lymphatic drainage and chelation therapy are also some of the therapies encompassed. What happens in the former is that distribution of lymph around the body is needed. And his is achieved through what is called lymphatic is basically nothing to do with clinical matters.
The latter involves removal of heavy metals from the blood system. These metals could prove very dangerous when they are lefts to dwell in the blood system. It uses what is called chelation chemicals. It requires professionalism because if not properly subjected it is bound to affect he patient some time to come.


Recognizing that all of these therapies are quite helpful and are used to remedy heath conditions is a good thing. It should also be realized that they also come with varying scales of side effects. What makes it even more is that most of these side effects are influenced by poor quality therapists. You do not want to have someone experimenting on your heath and therefore every time you go to the therapists make sure they are the kind of physicians who have the ability to deal with your health condition.

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