Friday, September 18, 2020

As a way of bringing issues to light, it is important to underscore the definition of insulin potentiation therapy. This is one form of chemotherapy that employs the use of cancer killing drugs to kill cancer cells in the body. This kind of chemotherapy was found effective except for the fact that they have dangerous side effects. These drugs are supposed to only target the cancer cell but what happens is that in normal cases they do not discriminate and would go ahead and kill every cell they come in contact with in the body. This can be quite dangerous.

How does it work?

Insulin Potentiated Therapy works along the simple fact that the drugs penetrate through the cell membrane of the cancer cell and tries to kill it. They should therefore be administered in high doses so that they have the kind of energy that requires them to penetrate the cell membrane. Low dose chemo may prove ineffective in this sense in that the drugs might lack enough energy to penetrate the membranes and thus rendering them useless. Health centers in Miami like Dayton Dandies Medical Center Miami jeva had to maneuver the setback of these drugs’ side effects they much they could.
The factors of IPT therefore are:

  • Cancer cells compromising
  • Insulin level
  • Bodily sugar level

Remedy to their side effects

The remedy to this kind of setbacks has been found in is bound to wonder the kind of relationship that exist between insulin and cancer cells having in mind that insulin is just a substance secreted by pancreases. Well, it has been found out that cancer cells have a high mania and taste for insulin. It has even been found out that they manufacture their own insulin. They rely on insulin as their food and this is the reason as to why cancer patients lose a lot of weight because these cancer cells tend to eat up the insulin. This makes it a weakness to them during curing. Insulin is thus injected to cause the blood sugar to drop and when it drops, the patient’s cells shifts to metabolize into fats and the cancer cells are highly compromised. This makes them weak and eventually kills them.
Dayton Dandies Medical Center Miami is one of the medical centers that have been approved to offer these kinds of therapy to cancer patients. It is located in 18600 Collins Ave, Sunny Isles Beach, FL 33160.

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