Thursday, October 22, 2020

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Insulin potentiation is also commonly known as low-dose chemotherapy. It is an alternative treatment to the treatment of cancer. IPT utilizes two drugs, that is, chemotherapy and chemotherapy drug. These drugs are used to catalyze chemotherapy. Because cancer cells have insulin receptors, this therapy helps chemotherapy to target cancer cells. It is important to note that IPT is not used alone. Rather it is used as an adjunct to chemotherapy in the treatment of cancer. Other alternative medicine technique that can be integrated with conventional medicine in the treatment of cancer include acupuncture and vitamin IV therapies. Acupuncture Miami helps to suppress the side effects of cancer treatments, that is, pain. Vitamin IV therapies are used to boost the body’s immunity fostering faster healing. To access IPT, you may visit the alternative medical center or the center for holistic medicine.

Advantages of IPT

• Effective
During this therapy, insulin is administered so as to lower the blood sugar level. The cancer cells rely on sugar. Therefore, after lowering the blood sugar, chemotherapy drugs along with glucose are administered. This process separates healthy cells from cancer cells that move fast to absorb the sugar. While they take the glucose, they also absorb the chemotherapy drug. This drug makes them weak, eventually killing them.

• Fewer side effects
IPT as a treatment for cancer has lower side effects. This is because, it reduces the amount of chemotherapy that is required to kill the cancer cells.

• Reduces rate of health deterioration
Cancer patients treated using IPT are known to regain health faster. They will generally have a better appetite and also will feel much better compared to those treated with just chemotherapy. Insulin being a nutritional hormones prevents breaking down of fat, thereby countering the deterioration of health.

Using IPT

IPT therapy can be used with other therapies to foster speeded healing. Some therapies that are commonly used with IPT include infusions, local hyperthermia and galvanotherapy. When undergoing this treatment, patients must not eat for a t least a few hours before the therapy. This is to ensure the absence of nutrients in the body during the procedure. During this therapy, it should be expected that insulin will be administered intravenously. This is to achieve a faster effect. Insulin potentiation therapy is effective in the treatment of wide range of illnesses other than cancer. Infections, asthma and rheumatism are just but a few of them.

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